Want To Adopt A Black Persian Cat? Learn About Them First!

The Persian cat breed is one of the most, if not the most known cat breeds in the US. This cat breed has been existing for hundreds to thousands of years. Persian cats are distinctively known for their chubby cheeks, long hair, and friendly behavior. Are you one of the cat lovers who want to adopt a black Persian cat? Learn about them first!

What Is A Persian Cat?

Persian cats are medium and large-sized cats with a long coats. These cats have big eyes and round ears, and they usually have what seems like a flat, pushed-in face. 

The Persian cat breed originates from the deserts of Iran and Persia. The earliest record documented about the Persian cat was in the 1500s, but some people believe they already existed before the 1500s. Allegedly, European travelers smuggled Persian cats outside of Persia in the 17th century. Soon after, this breed has been loved for its unique beauty. 

Cute Black Persian Cat

The Persian cat has been the favorite cat of the royal families, and that includes Queen Victoria. She had numerous Persian cats, which resulted in this breed’s popularity among many royals and wealthy British. The breed’s fame among upper class British families added to its nobility and elegance.

The eye color of Persian cats varies from green, hazel, copper, blue, and odd-eyed colors. There are different coat colors among Persian cats. For solid colors, there are blue, lilac, black, cream, and white. Also, there are shaded and smoky colors, tabby, Himalayan, bicolor, and calico. Are you interested in a black Persian cat? Learn about them first!

Black Persian Cat

While black cats are usually associated with bad luck, that is not likely the case with black Persian cats. In fact, black Persian cats were popular among the upper class in Britain because they were part of the fashion trend then. They even became more famous when cat shows started getting attention. But their features before were different from now.

Black Colored Persian Cat

It was a black Persian cat that had first crossed into the US. Hence, this color is the most known among the Persian breed. In the 19th century, the black Persian cats were the first among Persian cats identified as a cat breed. 

Black Persian cats look large because of their long coats and muscular body. Black Persian cats are more likely to have more angled features and smaller body sizes than other Persian cats. However, there are some black Persian cats that are larger and taller than other Persian cats. Because of their long coats, some pet lovers do not prefer adopting Persian cats as they can be high maintenance in grooming.

Facts About Black Persian Cat

Here are some facts about black Persian cats.

  1. They don’t have the same color. There are different varieties of colors in black Persian cats. There’s the solid black, which only has the color black in fur and no other shade. Second, there’s black smoke- this gives the Persian cat a smokey look because their black fur has some white roots. Third, there’s a black-while color. Fourth, there’s a combination of black smoke and white.
  2. Black Persian cats can cost from $1500 to $3000. 
  3. Black Persian cats are affectionate and laid back. They can spend the day just sleeping.
  4. Unlike other cats that are too playful, most black Persian cats are not aggressive. Your furniture is at minimal risk if you wish to take care of a Persian cat. They are also known to be lazy because some Persian cats can sleep up to 20 hours per day.
  5. Black Persian cats, or other colors, are great options if your household has children. They are calm around the house, and they just like keeping their bodies near the floor.
  6. Black Persian cats grow white hair as they grow older. Just like humans, all cats will grow white hair as they age. But this is more evident in black cats.
  7. Their black coats may fade as time goes by. If your black Persian cat gets exposed to the sun too much, their black coat may fade and turn rusty color. If this happens, consult your vet for guidance. 

What Makes A Black Persian Cat Special?

Aside from being loved by royals, what makes a black Persian cat so special?

Although this cat is high maintenance due to their long coats, their calm temperament and sweet nature make them great pets. They can get energetic and playful but they don’t cause trouble like other cat breeds. But of course, they can get mean if they are irritated by their surroundings.

Persian Cat with Black Fur

Another factor that makes black Persian cats special is their exotic and surreal appearance. Moreover, many people consider black cats as a symbol of good luck despite some misconceptions back then.

If you’re thinking of adopting a black Persian cat, you can get one from a pet store or pet shelter that you can trust. You can also adopt from someone you know that has black Persian cats. Don’t buy cats for sale on Craiglist because this platform is not the right platform for selling animals and pets.


The black Persian cat is one of the earliest cat breeds worldwide. This breed is known for its long and glossy coat and amiable personality. They are adorable and affectionate pets like other Persian cats. A black Persian cat is a great pet for you if you wish to have an exotic-looking and beautiful cat with a long coat. They are also the ideal pet if you have kids at home.


At The Lovable Cat, we believe that every cat deserves to be loved and cared about.

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