What Cat Breed Is Hecker Cat? Is It Real?

Hecker cat is an internet sensation from Beluga Cinematic Universe. This firm-looking image above was his profile picture. It was a screenshot from a video of himself hissing at the camera. Hissing is a form of communication with other animals. It does not always indicate that the hecker cat is in an angry mood.  

He was his good friend despite teasing Beluga by calling him a son. He was a character living up to his name as a powerful hacker. He might also be a shapeshifter based on the “When You Accidentally Download a Virus …” episode where he transformed into a dog. 

If you are interested to know if this cat is real? Read this article to learn more.

Hecker Cat History

Hecker cat, whose real name starts with the letter S was born on August 15, 1981, at Lester’s lab. He claimed to be a Microsoft CEO from February 4, 2014, to 2021. His original function was to be a weapon to destroy Beluga. 

Their first interaction happened when Hecker helped Beluga in answering security questions. Reassured that there was no suspicious activity happening, Beluga gave his trust. It has led to hacking Beluga’s google account and changing his social media accounts passwords. Hecker bought the whole server Nitro using Beluga’s bank account. Starting a stir in his character when Beluga told him he was in debt from him. Showing he is helpful, he gave Beluga  ¥1,000,000,000, which the latter spent on a glass of iced milk from Starbucks. 

In conclusion, the two became best friends while Skittle was in Mexico. Hecker might sometimes be vengeful, but he shared time manipulation tips and stored Beluga’s conscience in a file. 

Is a Hecker cat real? What Cat Breed is Hecker?

Even when born in Discord, a hecker cat is real, which came from a rare feline. Caracal cats are also excellent jumpers and one of the best predators in the wild. Being a hunter by nature, this species is quite aggressive.

Hecker Cat or Caracal Cat

Caracal Cat

Hacking is an extraordinary skill, just like the caracal cat’s agility and good hunting skill. Caracal cats are nocturnal hunters who can live alone. Compared to other wild, exotic cats, they are medium in size. A female caracal can weigh 35 pounds, while a male caracal can weigh up to 44 pounds. Some researchers believe their golden coat was from a lineage of golden cat species in Africa. Let us continue to learn more and be fascinated by them.

What Does a Caracal Cat Look like?

Caracal’s name originates from the Turkish word “karakulak,” which means “black ear. Their beautiful, distinct facial features set them apart from other wild animals. It has long black hairs on its ears which are under 2 inches. They use it to communicate with other cats or protect themselves from insects or their eyes from the sun. They also have gorgeous golden fur. 

Dave Salmoni shares facts about a caracal cat on one of Jimmy Kimmel’s episodes with wild animals. He describes it as a desert lynx because of its prominent tufts. The small head from its body is an indication of its strong muscles. The shorter jaw muscles help them to have a better bite on their prey.

Where do they live? 

A hecker cat’s fur helps them to camouflage against the desert. A hecker cat perfectly adapts to its environment’s harsh conditions despite their medium size. They are a native in Africa who lives in the region’s dry woodlands. They are also living in the Middle East and Southern Asia. 

They are considered a rare species, so in 2017 three subspecies are a subject of further research. These subspecies are as follows: caracal caracal caracal from Southern and East Africa, caracal caracal nubicus from North and West Africa and caracal caracal schmitzi from Middle East to India. 

Caracal Diet and Hunting Style

Caracal Cat

They mark their territory through their scent glands while scratching the tree. Caracals are night hunters who prefer to catch small animals. However, a hungry stomach does not stop them from taking whatever they can eat. They are excellent jumpers who can take down birds from the air. Their leap can reach up to 10 feet. They seek company for mating but not when hunting. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Hecker Cat

How much is a caracal cat?

Since they are an exotic species, they cost a lot. According to Big Cat Rescue, their cost ranges from $1700 to $2800. It is also better to check state laws before buying a caracal cat as a pet to prevent any concerns.

Are Caracals Good Pets?

Nowadays, you can have a caracal cat as a pet; however, they are not domesticated. Exotic pets are not cheap to take care of, so it would be best to prepare your finances. Due to their nature, they need a spacious environment to roam around, or they can become destructive and aggressive. In history, these cats have been prized possessions.  

For some, caracals may raise concerns in the household. The safety of small children or other pets might be in danger as they are hunters in the wild. 

Are caracal cats friendly?

Yes, although caracal cats are territorial and prefer living in solitude. They can be like domesticated cats if raised in a house at a young age. They can bond strongly with their owner and be playful and friendly. 

How long do caracal cats live?

Their average lifespan is 12 years in the wild; however, some captive caracals’ life ranges from 16 up to 19 years.

In the wild, survival of the fittest is the reason for a caracal’s death. Large carnivores have them as their prey. Landowners of farmlands in Southern Africa also hunt them down because of killing livestock. 


Like Hecker cat as a powerful character in Discord, the caracal is a strong cat in the wild. It has a unique appearance and personality that can truly capture your heart. As cute as they seem, it is not an easy role to get a caracal cat as a pet. Although like Beluga, you can have your chance to tame this wild species if you start raising them young. 

On the other hand, you must constantly remind yourself that, like Hecker cat, their uncultivated behavior can still appear from time to time. Caracals have wild animal instincts in nature. Living in captivity is not a natural thing for exotic animals like them. One’s personality cannot suddenly be changed or removed. 


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