The Best Cat Litter Mat To Keep Your Home Clean

Yes, we know how lovely and fluffy our cats are! But sometimes, one can’t help but get annoyed whenever our feline buddy makes a mess out of their litter box. So, what is it about the litter box that makes our floor messy? Let’s learn about the best cat litter mat to keep your home clean and sand-free!

The Problem With Litter Box

Cats always leave a mess after they poop or pee in their litter box. They cover their poop or urine with sand which usually leaves a mess outside the litter box. Litter sand can also be tracked anywhere at home because these grains can get stuck on your cat’s paws after their “business” in the litter box.
This problem leaves the cat owners no choice but to clean up these grains of litter on the floor. Here comes the cat litter mat to the rescue!

What Is A Cat Litter Mat?

Say goodbye to the grains of litter sand around your home with a cat litter mat. A cat litter mat is simply a mat that you place beside your cat’s litter box. It is created to catch the litters that your cat brings out of its litter box

A cat litter mat is just like a doormat for humans that catches the dirt from outside of the house! For cats, the litter mat is made to trap the grains of litter that get tracked out of the box. It’s also a place for your cat to wipe their feet after they urinate or poop in the litter box.

The Benefits Of Having A Cat Litter Mat

Here’s how a cat litter mat can benefit you, your cat, and your home!

It Prevents The Spread Of Bacteria

Litters around your home may cause the spread of different diseases. This is because the litter that gets tracked out is contaminated with urine and poop, which contain bacteria like E. coli. This is unsafe for your family, especially if you have young kids at home. 

A Cat Litter Mat Cleans Your Cat’s Paws

It’s important to keep your cat’s nails and paws clean. Your cat doesn’t like it when its paws have litter stuck on them. So if you don’t have a litter mat, your pet will use anything they could find to clean their paws.

It Keeps Your House Clean

Whenever your cat walks out of its litter box, it usually brings litter that gets stuck on its paws. Without a litter mat, you would need to sweep and mop the area around the litter box to keep it clean. A cat litter mat will catch the litter in your cat’s paws. The litter mat itself is also easy to clean- just shake the sandy mess off and wash it.

The Best Cat Litter Mat To Keep Your Home Clean

Here’s the list of the best cat litter mat to keep your home clean.

Pieviev Cat Litter Mat

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This litter mat has a double-layer honeycomb design that effectively collects litter and is comfortable on your cat’s paws. You can pick up the mat, and the double layer will catch those grains of litter sand– you can either throw these grains away or take those back inside the litter box for recycling. 

This mat is suitable for different types of litter sand. The holes are big enough to trap litter sand. What’s even better about this mat is its waterproof, slip-resistant, and durable quality. It’s also easy to clean and dry. 

PetFusion ToughGrip Waterproof Cat Litter Mat

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This litter mat is made with premium-grade silicon that is waterproof, durable, and easy to clean. PetFusion ToughGrip is great at collecting litter from its design of elevated inner ridges and outer lip that effectively traps litter. It has a large area which allows for a bigger range whenever your cat goes out of the litter box. This mat also has anti-slip and side spout features!

Andalus Cat Litter Mat


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If you only have one cat and have a tight budget, this affordable Andaus cat litter mat is your choice. It has a rubberized and soft material that collects litter. You can repurpose this mat under your cat’s bowls to catch cat food or water spilling. 

This mat features an anti-slip quality so it doesn’t go anywhere! The mat is safe for sensitive paws with high-quality PVC material. It’s also easy to clean!

Cosyearn Cat Litter Mat

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Do you have multiple cats at home? Cosyearn cat litter mat can accommodate several litter boxes you have because this is a large mat! It has a measurement of 47 by 36 inches which is big enough if you have multiple cats.

This mat is easy to clean and sturdy. It is designed with grooves and mesh that can gather litter from your cats’ paws. Additionally, it has a soft design that makes it comfortable for your cats’ paws, and also a good place for them to rest and play around. 

CatGuru Heavy Duty Cat Litter Mat

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CatGuru litter mat has a 3D design that effectively gathers litter! It has a soft microfiber fabric that wipes your cat’s paws, leaving those cute paws clean before your cat reaches the floors. It has a durable anti-slip backing that prevents it from moving around. This mat is also easy to clean and large!


It’s such a hassle to have litter sand around your floor because first, it’s tiresome to clean every time your cat brings litter sand out of the litter box. Second, it’s annoying to step on litter- and sometimes, it can be painful too. Hence, buying the best cat litter mat helps keep your home clean by trapping the litter and cleaning your cat’s paws.

At The Lovable Cat, we believe that every cat deserves to be loved and cared about.

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