What You Need To Know About Cats For Sale on Craigslist

Our lives have become a lot more convenient than before. Gone are the days when the only option to shop for things is by going outside. With the internet, almost anything and everything can be done online. Take Craigslist for instance. It is an online platform where you can post and view classified ads, but internet users also use it to re-home or adopt pets like cats. Is it okay to get a cat from Craigslist? Here’s what you need to know about cats for sale on Craigslist.

What Is Craigslist?

Do you love to sell or shop online? If yes, you may enjoy exploring the website Craigslist. It is an online forum or website that allows users to view or post their classified ads. Not only that, you can visit Craigslist when you’re looking for a job, service, discussion forums, community, housing, and more.

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Have you seen classified ads in the newspaper? That’s exactly how Craigslist works but in an online platform. The good thing about it is you can use the website for free! Additionally, not everything on Craigslist comes at a price. Some users give out things for free to declutter. When you get stuff for free, it’s usually you who should pick up that stuff.

Because it’s easy and convenient to use Craigslist, anyone can access the website to post ads. Do you know that there are a lot of posts about offering pets on Craigslist? But is it safe and legal? Learn more about cats for sale on Craigslist.

What You Need To Know About Cats For Sale on Craigslist

If you try to visit the Craigslist website, you would see the pets section. If you click on that you would see posts about pets for adoption/rehoming or sale.

Before you start thinking about getting cats on Craigslist, know that this site allows people to post animals for adoption, but not for sale.

That being said, it is legal to get a cat from Craigslist. But is it a safe platform to adopt one? The answer is no. It can be dangerous for pets because there’s no guarantee that they’re well taken care of.

Moreover, when you give a cat for free on Craigslist, anyone can have it. But there’s no guarantee that the person you entrusted to re-home your cat can take good care of it and provide its needs like a regular check up with a vet. Or worse, the pets for adoption might go to someone who neglects or hurts them. 

Offering cats for free without proper screening puts their lives at risk. There had been cases where pets posted on Craigslist have been maltreated and killed. This makes the website a bad platform to give away pets

There are still kindhearted people who can only adopt cats for free. But remember to be extra careful, especially on Craigslist where everyone you transact with is a stranger. Some people believe that if you cannot afford to pay to adopt, maybe you cannot afford to maintain and care for the pet either. 

Where Should You Get Your Cat?

There are plenty of other safer ways to get a cat. Let’s start with the most basic one: adopting a stray cat.

If you cannot afford to pay for a cat, why not adopt a stray cat? These cats are just as loving and gentle as other cats. These cats are the ones who need shelter and care the most. So, if one day you see a stray cat following you around, consider adopting it and welcoming it into your life. If there are no stray cats around your place, you can also go to pet shelters.

Another easier way to get a cat is to buy from a pet store that you can trust. If you prefer a specific breed, you can choose a registered and reputed cat breeder.

Final Thoughts: Can You Buy Cats For Sale on Craigslist?

Craigslist can help people in many ways. It can help you find the things you need, a job, and a lot more than that. But when it comes to pets, it is not the right platform for adoption or sale. There are other safer ways to get a cat- like from a pet store, breeder, and pet shelter.


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