Cat Gender: Determining the sex of a cat

Curious if your cat is a he or she? Or considering taking care of one? One of the concerns you might want to consider is the cat gender. Sexing a cat can be a challenge especially if it is a kitten or a neutered male. It is meaningful to know such details as it will help you to learn which cat is more compatible with what you are looking for. Read this article and know the distinctions between them in terms of their gender. 



As recently born kittens are tiny, it is more difficult to identify whether it is a male or female. Their genitalia will be more visible when they are six or eight weeks old. Check the gender of a cat with the use of punctuation marks and distance. To do so, the tail must be raised. It is better to pet your cat gently or have a scratch on its lower back for purring so the tail may automatically raise, giving you a better view of its genitalia. 

Male and female cat gender

Just below the tail, you can see that an opening of a girl cat is an inverted exclamation point which may look like dots more likely in kittens, since the anus and cat vagina are more close to each other with just half an inch apart. The vaginal part is the long slit just below the anus.

Much effort is needed to assess a male cat as you may not be able to feel or see the scrotum. Unlike the female cats, a cat penis and anus have a greater distance in their openings that look like circles with the testicles in the middle. It resembles a colon without the presence of lines.


Through their physical features, we can also already see whether it is a male or female cat. The fur can already be used as an indication of a cat gender. Orange, ginger color, tortoiseshell, and tri-colors are the shades commonly known for cats. Most of the orange and ginger-colored cats are male while a tortoiseshell or tri-colored fur is most likely female. In terms of size, un-neutered male cats are typically larger and heavier due to their testosterone which also gives them wider cheeks and round faces. 

orange cat


Just like us, each cat also has their own unique personality. As they grow, a lot of factors may contribute to it and their gender is undeniably one of them. A phase where they mature and reflect more on their behavior. By understanding this, we can approach them better and be more careful in handling them.

Aside from a Cat Gender, another big aspect of their personality comes from being neutered or not, without taking into consideration the household environment. A male cat can be more aggressive and territorial by leaving a mark through its urine, indicating that it is its spot when looking for a mate if unneutered. They may tend to do anything when they sense a female cat in heat. On the other hand, a neutered male is a sociable type of cat which is playful and more affectionate that creates a closer bond with its owner.

Female cats are commonly loud and attention-seeking when in heat as they are looking for a mate, there are even instances that they might try to escape to find a partner. They are on heat every three weeks after reaching maturity, which means that if you are looking to have a big family of cats, then you really will get yourself one. If spayed, they are more introverted as they are more relaxed and distant, so if you are working they might be more suitable as they are naturally independent and can be easily satisfied just with your presence when you are at home.

female cat

Female cats prefer being aloof while maintaining their personal space. They can also be dominant at times when their favorite spot is being occupied. Though in general, female cats commonly have their motherly instincts as well. It is not a problem for them to adopt or nurture the kittens in the household. 


In conclusion, cat gender identification will not only satisfy your curiosity but can also help you to understand and nurture them with the appropriate approach. Their gender may also help you to assess the compatibility of what you are looking for in a cat. 

You may have already chosen your preference through a cat gender identification however a connection is also still a must, at the end of the day you will be a pet parent that will have a responsibility for them. It is the invisible imprint of love that will strongly bond you and your cat. Whether male or female, cats also have a unique charm that makes them loveable companions.

At The Lovable Cat, we believe that every cat deserves to be loved and cared about.

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