Here’s The Smalls Cat Food Review For Your Cat’s Diet

Cat owners have the responsibility of providing sufficient food for their cats. Some cats prefer only to eat cat food; while there are cats who like human food, like pepperoni, as they may have been used to it. Many cat owners want to ensure their cats are eating food with good nutrition, like what the brand Smalls Cat Food claims to be. Here’s the Smalls Cat Food review for your cat’s diet.

What Is Smalls Cat Food?

Does your cat eat dry food, wet food, or both? You might want to check if your cat prefers freshly made food instead. If you’re looking for a healthier option for your cat’s diet, Smalls Cat Food is a must brand you should look for. So what is it all about?

Smalls Cat Food is a subscription-based service that delivers cat food directly to your home. They deliver these pet food with human-grade ingredients regularly every month. Their ingredients are also USDA-certified with no preservatives added.

Smalls products are not available in grocery stores. When ordering in their store, you can choose between freeze-dried or fresh pet food products. They also focus on providing high-protein food for your cat by using raw ingredients such as gizzard and chicken liver. And unlike other cat food brands, Smalls don’t use fillers like grains, carbs, and more.

According to Smalls, cats will experience good changes within the first three months of consuming Smalls Cat Food. Your cat may have more energy, shiny coats, less smelly poop, fewer hairballs, fresher breath, and good-quality sleep. Read more for the Smalls Cat Food review.

Here’s The Smalls Cat Food Review For Your Cat’s Diet

The following are the Smalls Cat Food review specific to their cat food products.

freeze dried raw smalls cat food

Freeze-Dried Raw Duck Cat Food

If you want an alternative option to extruded cat food, you may consider Smalls’ freeze-dried raw duck for your feline. This Raw Water Bird product is easy to serve and is largely made of duck gizzard, duck heart, and finely ground duck which are all rich in minerals and protein. Its other health ingredients are goat’s milk, duck egg, and herring oil. Duck meat has more fat than chicken or turkey. Therefore, this recipe is good for your cat’s skin and fur.

Fresh Ground Bird

This formula has chicken as its main ingredient which is a high source of protein. It’s made of 80% chicken thigh and breast and 5% chicken liver. Human-Grade Fresh Ground Bird also has kale, vegetable oil, peas, and green beans. 

Fresh Smooth Fish Raw Cat Food

This product is something that your cat will surely love! Not only because most cats love fish, but this healthy and high-quality meal has a very aromatic scent that naturally attracts cats. Smalls Fresh Smooth Fish Raw Cat Food has salmon, cod, and pumpkin. It has great consistency and texture and is also easy to digest so this is the best choice if your cat has dental problems. This product is good for their coat skin because it has omega-3 fatty acids. Note though, that while cats may find this product aromatic, this is the strongest-smelling product of Smalls that you might find overwhelming. 

Freeze-Dried Raw Turkey Recipe

Smalls Freeze-Dried Raw Turkey Recipe has fresh turkey as its primary ingredient, with turkey organs, turkey egg, ground bone, and herring oil. It also has goat’s milk, which is good for your cat’s digestion due to the milk’s probiotics. Overall, this recipe is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. 

Fresh Smooth Cow Raw Beef

This Smalls product has a soft texture that makes it a good choice for cats of all ages. With beef and beef liver as its primary ingredient, this cat food is rich in protein and other nutrients that develop lean muscle. This product also has a lot of vitamins and minerals because it has peas, spinach, and green beans. Fresh Smooth Cow Raw Beef is one of the best picks for active cats because of its 16.5% protein content per meal. 

Pros And Cons

As a buyer, you need to have an informed decision before you purchase a product. With that, here are the pros and cons of Smalls Cat Food. 


  1. Subscription-Based Delivery Service – there’s less hassle as your cat’s meal is delivered right to your step every month. 
  2. Money-Back Guarantee – if you’re not satisfied with their product, they will give back 100% of your money spent. They offer this guarantee in their risk-free trial period. 
  3. Whole Food and Human-Grade Ingredients – Smalls only use human-grade and whole food, with no fillers or preservatives.  This makes their product good for your pet’s health. But, you can still feed your cat other healthy food like celery aside from Smalls products.


  1. High Price – compared to other cat food, Smalls Cat Food has a higher price. This could be a problem if you’re on a tight budget. 
  2. Buying Process – the entire process could be tiresome as you need to input some details. You will be directed to the checkout where you can see the actual price of your chosen products.

Final Thoughts on Smalls Cat Food Review

Some cheap cat food products contain a lot of preservatives and additives and are not nutritious enough for your pet. This is why more and more cat owners are starting to look for healthier options for their cats’ overall well-being, like Smalls Cat Food products.

Smalls Cat Food is a subscription-based delivery service for cat food. This brand offers responsibly-sourced and human-grade ingredients that are healthy and delicious for your cats. There is a variety of food you can choose from ranging from fresh food to freeze-dried recipes which is great especially if you have picky cats.

At The Lovable Cat, we believe that every cat deserves to be loved and cared about.

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