Can Cats Eat Celery?

As a fur parent, you might want your cats to try other snacks aside from their usual food in the bowl. A sight of vegetables is an option, say a bunch of celery. A vegetable and herb that adds flavor to a dish. The crunchy and wood-like texture of celery can trigger their playful side, or they will ignore it because of being a carnivore in nature. 

But can cats eat celery? They are known to be carnivorous animals. Despite that, vegetables are a nutritious snack they can have. Like humans, some felines may be fond of eating a vegetable or not. So, considering celery as part of their regular diet may not be a good idea. Continue reading the article to learn more about how to keep your cat safe while eating it. 

Can cats eat celery?

The answer to this question is a YES! Cats can get a high vitamin amount of A, K, and C and minerals from celery. It is also rich in fiber which is helpful for their digestive system since it is composed of water. Aside from maintaining a strong immunity and brain function, you can observe its advantages in its physical attributes. It helps your feline to keep healthy, shiny fur. 

How much celery can you give to a cat?

You are to consider their diet before providing them the pleasure of a celery snack. It is to prevent you from ruining their balanced consumption of foods. They cannot have more than 5% of celery. Cats need ten times fewer calories than what a person must have. 200 calories are enough for a feline. A single stalk of celery is only ten calories. So, your fur friend can have their share of more than 20 sticks which their body can still handle. 

cat eating in a food bowl

If you observe anything unusual after eating celery, it is better to take your cat to your veterinarian. That way, they can be fully assessed and get the necessary treatment needed. 

How good is celery for cats?

  • Celery is composed of 95% water that provides hydration which means a healthier digestive system for cats. 
  • The presence of pectin-based polysaccharides protects their stomach from ulcers. It promotes a digestive lining in the stomach. 
  • There are 15 different antioxidants in celery. These antioxidants protect organs from oxidative damage caused by free radicals which may damage cells.
  • Apigenin and luteolin compounds are frequently used in Eastern medicine. These antioxidants lower inflammation. In fact, because of their cell interaction, it is recommended as a potential treatment for cancer. 
  • It has natural diuretics which are found in celery seeds and extracts. A diuretic substance aids to flush salt and chloride from the body in the form of
  • A regular bowel movement through the production of poop from the high fiber intake which helps cats to feel full. 
  • Possible resolution for weight loss of obese cats because of good digestion. 
  • Celery helps in promoting an appetite in cats. 
  • Releasing the toxic compounds in their body helps a feline to keep their kidney healthy. 

How bad is celery for cats?

  • Excessive consumption of celery can cause gastrointestinal concerns. Cats may experience an upset stomach including diarrhea and vomiting. 
  • There are a few instances where a cat might have skin irritation if they interact with celery leaves.  
  • Some cats might have an allergic reaction to celery, so it is better to check any reaction by giving them a small portion first. If your cat is allergic to grass then there is a high chance that celery is a no for them. 
  • Celery might be a choking hazard to cats. It will be easier for your fur friends if you cut it into small bite-sized pieces. It will be easier for them to eat and digest. 
  • Considering the enzymes of cats, they may have problems with digestion. Cats are carnivorous, so they may lack the necessary enzymes to digest vegetables if they consume too much celery.
  • Be reminded to treat celery as their snack and not as a food staple to prevent any issues with their diet. 

Best way for cats to eat celery 

Is there a better way of how can cats eat celery? Most importantly, wash the celery thoroughly before giving it to the feline. Another note to keep in mind was to provide it to them cut into small pieces. Whether you give it cook or raw. People have their food preferences so as do our pets. Some cats may like their celery raw because of their crunchiness. You may cook it to make sure they will not choke eating it because of its rigidness. But it may lose some of its nutrients in the process. 


Cats can eat celery. A different taste of snacks is good once in a while. This vegetable is a healthy snack if consumed in moderation. It provides nutrients that help with their health, especially in their digestive system. Hopefully, this article has helped you to learn more, before you start to spoil your cats with this treat.

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