Is It Normal To Have A Cat With 3 Eyes?

The cats we normally see in the streets only have two eyes. It’s the same with most animals. But do you know that three eyed cats exist? Since the internet is full of things out of the ordinary, there are people sharing their experiences of having a cat with 3 eyes. But is it normal to have a cat with 3 eyes? First of all, what is the symbolic meaning of a three eyed cat?

A Cat With 3 Eyes: Symbolic Meaning

A cat with 3 eyes is not unique in terms of symbolism. It has been a part of many spiritual texts. The middle eye means that we all have energy systems in our bodies which is related to our self-awareness, knowledge, and our sense of spirituality.

When a cat with 3 eyes appears in your dream, it symbolizes that your higher sense of self is awakened. It can also mean you are connecting to a spiritual and divine being. This is because cats are linked to spirituality or mystery. They see things we cannot see and they are aware of the world beyond our level of understanding. 

While a cat with 3 eyes is associated with symbolism and dreams, they also exist in real life. Although it sounds unbelievable, the online stories about them are drawing the attention of netizens. Here are the online stories about people who have taken care of cats with 3 eyes.

Online Stories About A Cat With 3 Eyes

There are many exciting things to do when kittens are born. Determining the sex of the kitten is one of those. But what if one of the kittens your cat gave birth to has three eyes? Two cat owners experienced this, and their stories went viral online. 

Chakra The Cat

A pet owner named Rubie has a cat that had given birth to kittens. She noticed one of the kittens looks different from the rest. This cat has three eyes, with the third eyeball just right on top of the right eye. Therefore, he has two eyeballs in his right eye socket, and it is very evident in the photos online. 

Chakra, the cat with 3 eyes

A lady from her veterinary clinic found the kitten adorable and adopted him. She’s taking care of her for 2 months when she named her “Chakra.” According to her new owner, Chakra is healthy and thriving. He’s a normal kitten but with 3 eyes.

A lot of people online fell in love with Chakra as soon as he was posted on Reddit. One user from Reddit asked if his third eye is functioning. One veterinarian explained that random mutations like this happen. Few of those mutations that do not get eliminated sometimes get through and can cause changes like what happened with Chakra. But most of the time these random mutations are irrelevant. 

Chakra has a Tiktok and Instagram account with the username chakrathacat

chakra Instagram account

Short-Lived Kitten With 3 Eyes

Another kitten with 3 eyes was posted by his owner on Reddit. Similar to Chakra, this kitten has a birth deformity, with two eyeballs coming from one eye socket. The kitten is a pale cat and according to his owner, he also has a cleft palate. In the photo posted by the owner, the kitten seems to be a newborn because he’s smaller than the palm of the one holding him. 

kitten with 3 eyes

The kitten with 3 eyes stole the hearts of the people. But shortly after, many hearts were broken upon hearing the news that the kitten has to be euthanized not long after his birth. According to the owner, there was nothing they could do, and the surgery would cost thousands of dollars. On top of that, the owner would need to take days off from work to feed the kitten. But the owner also said that the kitten was very much loved during the short time that he was alive. 

The owner received several negative comments from Reddit users, saying that euthanasia is not needed. But there are also users who sided with the owner believing that the cleft palate will most likely lead to fading kitten syndrome. They claimed that there are small chances of survival for this kitten given his condition. 

Despite the disagreements, many Reddit users expressed love and prayers for the kitten.

Is It Normal To Have A Cat With 3 Eyes?

The short and simple answer to this question is no. A cat with 3 eyes is very rare to happen, and there are limited studies about it at the moment. The rarity of a cat with 3 eyes may also be the reason why Chakra and the kitten became famous quickly on the internet.

While a cat with 3 eyes is not normal, what’s normal for them is those third eyelids that we often see in our cats’ eyes.

Third Eyelid In Cats

Are you wondering what are those white layers in the lower corner of your cat’s eye? Sometimes they are there, sometimes they’re not. If you don’t know what those are, those are your cat’s third eyelids that are called the nictitating membrane. It’s an added protection to a cat’s cornea from debris like dust. It also serves to keep their eyes moist which helps their vision. 

Other animals such as dogs, birds, fish, reptiles, and more have third eyelids. However, you might need to take your cat to the vet when you always see those third eyelids present. You should only normally see those when they wake up. Third eyelids in one or both eyes could be a sign of trauma, infection, or other health condition. 


A cat with 3 eyes is rare to happen. It’s not normal for a cat to have 3 eyes, but it exists from the online stories that we have. What’s normal for cats to have is their third eyelids that serve as their protection from debris.

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