Is Beluga Cat A Type Of Cat Breed

Are you randomly seeing a cat with an odd smile that’s becoming a sensation on the internet? More likely than not, it’s beluga from a Youtube channel that has a display picture of a smiling cat. This cat, for sure, steals a lot of cat lovers’ attention and hearts! So who is beluga cat, and how did it become famous among netizens?

What Started It All

Beluga cat is known from a Youtube channel from the US named Beluga that goes way back to 2017. The channel was previously called Survival Mode. Beluga is the main character in the Beluga Cinematic Universe.

The owner of the channel only became active on Youtube in 2021. It didn’t take long for the channel to reach its first million subscribers. But even before then, the owner of the channel has another channel with one million subscribers already, which is called Explore Lucid Dreaming. He also has a third channel named Beluga Jr. which currently has 454k subscribers.

While the photo of the beluga cat, also known as the “polite cat,” became more popular because of the Youtube channel, it has been used across the internet for various posts and memes. You would often see the photo of the polite cat with the famous meme sunglasses. But it rose to popularity, thanks to the Youtube channel Beluga.

Is Beluga Cat A Type Of Cat Breed?

First things first, is beluga cat real? The answer is yes. This smiling cat, named Ollie, is owned by someone in real life. In fact, the owner regularly posts photos of Ollie and his other cats on Twitter and Instagram.

Is beluga cat a type of cat breed? No, it’s a short-haired random-bred cat, typically known as a house cat or a moggy. Therefore, a beluga is NOT a breed of cat like a persian, maine coon, or sphynx cat but rather a bicolored cat with white and dark fur.

Beluga is a domestic cat with mixed ancestry. These types of cats vary in their physical appearance- fur color, eye color, size, and more. In the US, 95% of the cats are domestic short-hair cats, making them the most common type of cats in the country.

Ollie, or beluga cat, has only two colors, with white as the base color. It has dark patches around its body, but the most recognized patch you can see in beluga is the black patch on its left ear. 

Facts About Beluga Cat

The polite cat became even more popular because of beluga cat gif, photos, and Youtube videos associated with it. The first fact about the beluga cat is that the smile you see from the cat, which is the reason why it’s popular, is just photoshopped. In reality, Ollie the cat looks just like a regular domestic cat. Despite the photoshopped smile, the channel continues to grow!

The second fact about the beluga cat is it originated from 9GAG before Youtube. 9GAG is a website about memes and gifs. That’s where the “polite cat” meme started. And while people would naturally tend to forget memes, beluga managed to resurface online because of Youtube.

The third fact is while beluga cat has Instagram and Twitter accounts, it has fewer followers there, compared to its success on Youtube. Other Youtube users are perplexed about how Beluga became a hit on Youtube. People are just drawn into it because of its entertaining and bizarre videos and Discord adventures.

The fourth fact is the owner of the channel, who uses the beluga cat as the display photo, does not like to show his face in his videos. But since he’s gaining a lot of subscribers who requested a face reveal, he finally posted one last September 2021 wherein he also revealed his name as Aretz. 

For the fifth fact, Beluga started Youtube on 2017. But the first video on the channel was uploaded in February 2021.

Beluga Cat: Youtube Channel’s Popularity

At present, Beluga is one of the growing channels on Youtube. The channel currently has 8.93 million subscribers. Most of the videos from Beluga are Discord adventures, beluga cat meme, other videos on gaming, and beluga cat characters. The videos from the channel get viral easily because they are short and entertaining. The top hit video from the channel is “When a Hacker Finds Your Password…” with currently over 34 million views.

beluga cat Youtube channel

Aside from posting Youtube videos, there’s also beluga merch. The merch comprises items with Ollie’s smiling face, such as sweaters, T-shirts, and hoodies. And just like the Youtube channel, the merch is also a success.


You are seeing a lot of beluga cat images on the internet because of its unique and human-like smile. Indeed, it has captured a lot of people’s hearts, both cat lovers and not. 

For those wondering what type of cat is beluga, it is a domestic short-hair cat with mixed ancestry. It is not a type of cat breed because it is not recognized as one by the breed registry. It does not have any specific features to classify as a cat breed.

While the beluga cat is not a breed, it still means a lot to many people out there, especially to The Beluga Cinematic Universe fandom.

At The Lovable Cat, we believe that every cat deserves to be loved and cared about.

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