Want to Adopt A Blue Bengal Cat? Here’s What You Need To Know

When you think about adopting a cat, there are many breeds you could select from. The Bengal cat is one of the most popular and attractive breeds among cats, and a blue Bengal cat is a rare and expensive breed. Want to adopt a blue Bengal cat? Here’s what you need to know about them.

What Is A Bengal Cat?

The Bengal cat breed is an active, muscular, and sleek breed of cat. This breed originated from Asian leopard cats and domestic cats. While they descended from wild Asian leopard cats, they no longer possess the wildness in the present. 

Bengal cats look wild because of their marbling and spotted coats. They can be mistaken for a jungle cat resembling a leopard. However, they are loving and gentle pets. They have a personality just like a regular domesticated cat. You would surely love a Bengal cat if you prefer a playful and curious cat. They are entertained by moving things and can play with you for hours!

Bengal cats come in different colors. These colors are the same as those commonly found in other cat breeds. What makes them unique and appealing is their pattern in Bengal cats. If you want a blue Bengal cat, note that these cats are rare and popular.

What Makes Blue Bengal Cats Popular

First of all, what made people like the Bengal breed? The first of its breed came from Asian Leopard cats, making them a wild breed. However, it’s continuous breeding, particularly the fourth generation of the Bengal breed had a temperament similar to domesticated cats. That was when people started becoming interested in Bengal cats. Unlike the breed of the famous Hecker cat, which is a Caracal cat, Bengal cats are domesticated. But similar to Caracal cats, Bengal cats could be high maintenance too.

bengal cat with blue eyes

But in particular, what makes a blue Bengal cat so popular? A blue Bengal cat is the rarest color among the Bengal breed, making them appealing and attractive to many. Their unique color gives no wonder why people love to take pictures of them whenever they see one.

While a blue Bengal cat could be rarer and more expensive than other Bengal cats, they have no difference in their needs and personality among the Bengal breed.

Common Questions About Blue Bengal Cat 

If a blue Bengal cat piques your interest and attention, here are the common questions about them. 

How much does a blue Bengal cat cost? 

As mentioned, a blue Bengal cat is harder to find than the rest of the Bengal coat colors. Therefore, they can be more expensive than the others. Bengal cats could cost approximately $1,500 to $3,000, but rarer colors like blue could cost more. There’s no standard price for a blue Bengal cat, but since they are the rarest color among the breed, you can expect them to be more expensive than those of other colors.

Generally speaking, Bengal cats are expensive because they are carefully bred to ensure they’re within the breed standards. The majority of the breeders apply genetic testing on the pairs they select to breed.

How to tell if your cat is a blue Bengal? 

The usual marbled or spotted markings of a Bengal cat are in the colors black and brown. But in a blue Bengal cat, the shades you will see are gray and light blue, silver and black shades, or dark blue and gray. They also have a peachy color and gray tails. A blue Bengal cat has green, gold, or hazel eyes.

Are blue Bengals rare? 

Blue Bengals are very rare to find. They are the most unusual shade among Bengal cats. Because of their rarity, breeders are working their best to promote this shade into achieving championship status.  

What makes them a rare color among Bengal breed is that the color blue gene is a recessive trait. Bengal cats could carry the color blue gene without physically showing it in their coating. And for a Bengal cat to have a blue coat, both parents should carry the recessive trait of the blue gene. 

How big do blue Bengal cats get? 

Bengal cats are medium to large in terms of size. Their height is about 8 to 15 inches, and they weigh around 7 to 15 pounds. This is just an estimation because other Bengal cats may have weight and height different from the given typical body measurement. 

What patterns do Bengal cats have? 

We have mentioned several times that Bengal cats are known for their coat that resembles those of leopard or ocelot. The pattern in Bengal cats comes in two types: marbled or spotted. Spotted patterns are those you see in leopards, while marbling patterns are those that look patchy and elongated. The marbled pattern is the less common coat pattern in Bengal cats.

Do Bengal cats meow a lot?

There are different reasons why cats make a noise or meow a lot. For instance, a fat hairless cat makes a loud sound when upset. As for Bengal cats, they meow a lot when they want to ask for help, express their feelings, or see other creatures. 


Bengal cats have a striking look because of their appearance. They may seem like wild animals because of their resemblance to ocelot and leopard, but their wild personality has been bred out. This makes them affectionate and loving pets. From the time they became domesticated cats, people started paying attention to these cats as pets.

But there’s one color among the Bengal cats that is hard to find. This is the blue Bengal cat, a rare gem. They are hard to find because the blue gene is a recessive trait. But remember that regardless of the color, Bengal cats are worth keeping because of their playful and affectionate personality. 


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